About Umundze

Filming in indigenous villageUmundze is a blog that started with the will to maximize the positive impact Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs are having all over the world. Focusing in Communication and Community Engagement (two areas very dear to me), I try and hope to support and inspire changemakers to go even further in making a real positive and sustainable change.
In this blog you might find insights on:

  • Sustainable positive social impact at a community level;
  • Communication and engagement with different target audiences;
  • And also how to use video marketing in service of those goals.


Showreel 2016, South America

About José Pedro Pinto

Jose Pedro PintoI see myself mainly as an activist, aware of “this time” and opportunities, and passionate by the power that community action has in shaping the world and people – “think global, act local”.

As a professional background, I’ve more than 8 years of professional video production (commercial and educational), as well as knowledge in communication and marketing.

My link with activism came early, with the participation in several nonprofits, like Quercus and International Amnesty, as video producer, project manager and team manager. It was only later on that I had the opportunity to find my passion in community empowerment and participated in several initiatives promoting social economy at a local level (including the creation and management of a digital, local, social coin in Portugal). I’ve also had the opportunity to work on projects in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia, in the area of video, communications and marketing.


Some of my work: