Umundze is a blog with the mission to maximize the positive impact Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs are having all over the world. It celebrates the power that community action has in shaping the world and people – “think global, act local”.

Focusing in Video, Communication and Community Engagement, Umundze aims to support and inspire changemakers to go even further in making a real positive and sustainable change.

In this blog you might find insights on:

  • Sustainable positive social impact at a community level;
  • Communication and engagement with different target audiences;
  • How to use video marketing in service of those goals;
  • And also insights on video production for nonprofits and social business.


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About Me

José Pedro Pinto

Video Production | Video Marketing | Activism

I’m an activist dedicated to community empowerment. I’ve more than 8 years of professional audiovisual production, communication and marketing.


About Umundze audiovisual services

I’ve created audiovisual solutions that will engage your community and stakeholders, while having into account your needs and limitations:

  • Training In Video Production
  • Low Cost Video Production
  • Premium Video Production
  • Consulting

You can check our services in more detail here.



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