Best practices to promote your event on Social Media

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Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Video
January 23, 2018
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February 2, 2018

Making your event popular among the target audience can be a daunting task. In this post we give you some tips on getting your attendees and target audience on board.

Create an Hashtag for your event

Create, use and market your event hashtag. Write it along every event related post that you share on social media, your website, video, photo, email signature… Use it in every digital communication you do.

This will allow for anyone to find not only what you’re sharing, but what other people are saying, too. And it will act as an excellent call to action!  🙂

Create a video reel of the previous events

Create a video that conveys excitement and fun. The mix of great visuals and a catchy music are a potent combination that drives engagement through emotion.

What to keep in mind when creating the video:

  • Make it small.
  • Remember you target audience.
  • Host on both YouTube and Facebook.
  • Share it everywhere!


Remarketing with Facebook ads

Use Facebook custom audiences to remarketing. In other words, use it to show ads to people who have already visited your website.

This can be a very effective strategy since it focus on people that already have some interest in what you have to offer.

Note: Be sure to exclude Facebook users who have already purchased a ticket, by creating a custom audience from the page you used to track conversions.

Use testimonials

Create testimonial quotes based on a template with branded images and a defined color palette, to help unify your communication efforts and make it easy to share.

You can also use short testimonial videos, that can be recorded in a smartphone, edited and shared on the go. Video is extremely effective to build trust and showcase the passion and the enthusiasm that your event inspires.

Note: Be sure to give attribution and tag the person that gives the testimonial.

Make it easy to share your event

Provide in your website branded, shareable and downloadable resources that fit any platform.

Make it easy for them to share your event by providing a variety of downloadable content: audio, video, photos, graphics, blog posts, updates in social networks (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram), newsletter updates, …

Note: Make sure to provide enough options to accommodate the content to different social networks.


Share pictures of speakers

Share graphic containing the headshot of a speaker, together with a powerful quote. This provides an opportunity to give your speakers additional exposure, making them to share it with their own network.

Behind-the-scenes content

Share stories (as images and videos) of the exciting event preparations. This is a great way to generate engagement among your visitors. It creates an emotional connection by giving a sense of being a part the event creation.

Some ideas:

  • Staff working in putting everything together;
  • Closest place to get a good coffee or meal;
  • Fun things to do in the area;
  • Bloopers.

Note: Be authentic and share the challenges you face and what steps you took to resolve them.


Welcome your new Instagram followers with a video invitation

Use your smartphone to film a 15 seconds video to say thank you to your new followers and invite them to your event.

Tip: This can be even more effective if the person talking is one of the speakers.

Use contests

Social media contests incentivize likes and shares of your content, getting your event in front of more potential attendees. Plus it’s a great cost-effective strategy, since you can give away free tickets, sponsors’ products or VIP upgrades at little or no cost at all.Here are some tips:

  • Hashtag: Ask your fans to post photos to Facebook or Instagram with your event hashtag.
  • Retweet: Ask followers to retweet a specific tweet to enter the contest.
  • Survey: Ask them to fill out a short survey, in order to get more insights from who is going.
  • Tag a friend: Expand you social network reach by asking people to tag the friend they’d bring with them to your event if they won tickets.


To Do List to share your event

  • Start communicating the event 1 month before – do it weekly;
  • Create 1 hashtag for communications of the entire event;
  • Use the appropriate messages and channels for each target audience (do not forget call-to-action);
  • Create a video reel of the previous events;
  • Add the event in all email signatures;
  • Provide in your website branded, shareable and downloadable resources;
  • Create a video to invite people to go to the event (share on social networks, new instagram followers, …);
  • Create a Facebook Page for the event;
  • On Facebook create an ‘Event’ with the correct dates (and not just a post);
  • Create automatic response messages specific to the event;
  • Share photos of the special guests of the event, with some relevant quotes from them;
  • Create posts on your blog that include the participation of all the special guests of the event;
  • Create activities that the community can do and share (like contests), thus promoting the event;
  • Share images and videos of the preparation of the event: behind-the-scene;
  • Do not be afraid to use advertising in the promotion of the event (try remarketing in Facebook Ads);
  • At the end, place photos of the event and people, with a summary of what happened and with a ‘thank you’.

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