Responsabilidade Social no seu Empreendedorismo Social.

Abril 18, 2019
producción de video

Produção audiovisual e Negócios sociais

Estamos a poucos meses de comemorar um ano de trabalho com a Fundação Yunus&You, onde tivemos a oportunidade de produzir vários vídeos sobre diferentes programas desenvolvidos na […]
Junho 15, 2018

How to create great success stories for your Nonprofit

Most nonprofits have the need for a steady stream of success stories and testimonials to support their marketing and fundraising efforts. But, as you probably noticed, getting, producing […]
Abril 24, 2018
Promotional video - Social Responsibility project

Promotional video for a Social Responsibility project

We produced one more video for an Accenture’s social responsibility project with War Child, right here in Colombia.  This War Child’s program aims to create a positive […]
Outubro 12, 2017
Tips for your local social business video

Tips for your local social business video

If you have a local social business, one key ingredient to your digital communication strategy is video. But really, is it affordable for a small business […]
Julho 7, 2017
Impact and evaluation videos

How to use impact and evaluation videos

When giving positive feedback to your stakeholders, one key media is video. By using impact and evaluation videos, your nonprofit  or social business can easily report […]
Junho 15, 2017
Promote Local Social Business Online

How to promote your local social business online

In order to increase and maintain the local community participation, Social Entrepreneurs need to find new ways to market their social business. Depending upon your business […]