Communication Training

Alianza entre Umundze y la Fundaciòn Dialekta
Giving a boost in communication and audiovisual production
July 17, 2018
producción de video
Audiovisual production and Social business
April 18, 2019
Communication Training

We have already started the communication workshops of the Proyecto de Vida Foundation!

This project proposes to build a constant flow of communication of the Gender and Peace program of the Foundation, through the empowerment of young people in social networks management, design, photography and audiovisual production.


Proyecto de Vida Foundation seeks to break with the poverty cycle, through activities that contribute to integral development and value education. These actions promote future citizens to self-responsible in the construction of their life project, through the integral attention they receive when participating in it’s headquarters located in Usaquén, Ciudad Bolívar and Soacha.

To learn more about this program and discover what these young people are communicating, visit their Facebook group.


Servicios de comunicación Umundze

We’ll train you and your beneficiary community to develop autonomy in communication and audiovisual production.
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