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How to create great success stories for your Nonprofit
How to create great success stories for your Nonprofit
June 15, 2018
Communication Training
Communication Training
July 20, 2018
Alianza entre Umundze y la Fundaciòn Dialekta

A month ago we started a new alliance, this time with the Dialekta Foundation, in Bogotá.

Dialekta designs and implements innovative pedagogical strategies for artistic creation, promoting the integral development of girls, boys, adolescents and young people in rural areas of Colombia. The actions of Dialekta arise as a necessary measure to face the challenges that Colombia faces in the integral management of rural territories from the artistic and cultural area. It generates scenarios and conditions that facilitate this access, contributing to the construction of a just and equitable society.

In this alliance, we develop Dialekta’s internal and external communications strategy, as well as supporting the promotion and dissemination of its programs, projects and/or events.


Another important area of this alliance is the production of audiovisual material, such as photographs and videos that can be used to communicate the work of the Foundation.

We hope to contribute to the visibility and growth of the Dialekta Foundation and its programs and projects, through an impulse in its communication and audiovisual production.


Servicios de comunicación Umundze

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