SiembraFest Cinema festival coverage

Tips for your local social business video
Tips for your local social business video
October 12, 2017
Video workshop in “Encuentro de la Red de Colegios por los Cerros”
December 29, 2017

Justo tuvimos la oportunidad de apoyar y cubrir el SiembraFest – 5º Festival de Cine Colombiano al Campo.

SiembraFest is an itinerant festival of Colombian cinema that focues its actions to rural communities in the department of Cundinamarca. The festival seeks to take the cinema to unconventional places, intervening public spaces and creating alternative exhibition scenarios that promote the meeting of the cinematographic language with manifestations of art and popular culture.

This was very rewarding and enriching experience, passed in Guatavita (Colombia).

Throughout 5 days, we cover the festival, guaranteeing audiovisual content for the production of different promotional materials in the coming months.

We started a professional relationship with the Dialekta Foundation, which we hope will be long and productive.  🙂

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