Julho 17, 2018

Dando um impulso na comunicação e produção audiovisual

Há um mês começamos uma nova aliança, desta vez com a Fundação Dialekta, em Bogotá. A Fundação Dialekta desenha e implementa estratégias pedagógicas inovadoras para a […]
Junho 15, 2018

How to create great success stories for your Nonprofit

Most nonprofits have the need for a steady stream of success stories and testimonials to support their marketing and fundraising efforts. But, as you probably noticed, getting, producing […]
Abril 24, 2018
Promotional video - Social Responsibility project

Promotional video for a Social Responsibility project

We produced one more video for an Accenture’s social responsibility project with War Child, right here in Colombia.  This War Child’s program aims to create a positive […]
Dezembro 26, 2017

SiembraFest Cinema festival coverage

Justo tuvimos la oportunidad de apoyar y cubrir el SiembraFest – 5º Festival de Cine Colombiano al Campo. SiembraFest is an itinerant festival of Colombian cinema […]
Agosto 17, 2017
Marketing principles for nonprofits

Marketing principles for nonprofits

Here are some key marketing principles that you should apply when creating a Communication Strategy for your NGO or for a specific project. This will help you achieve […]
Julho 7, 2017
Impact and evaluation videos

How to use impact and evaluation videos

When giving positive feedback to your stakeholders, one key media is video. By using impact and evaluation videos, your nonprofit  or social business can easily report […]