Diciembre 26, 2017

Cobertura del festival de cine SiembraFest

Justo tuvimos la oportunidad de apoyar y cubrir el SiembraFest – 5º Festival de Cine Colombiano al Campo. SiembraFest es un festival itinerante de cine colombiano […]
Agosto 22, 2017

Working with indigenous communities

Working with indigenous communities is a wonderful experience. Whether you go as an NGO or a Social Enterprise, you are called to blend in a totally […]
Agosto 22, 2017

Marketing principles for nonprofits

Here are some key marketing principles that you should apply when creating a Communication Strategy for your NGO or for a specific project. This will help you achieve […]
Agosto 22, 2017

Cómo usar videos de impacto y evaluación

El video es un medio clave para dar feedback positivo a los diferentes actores de tu ONG. Mediante el uso de videos de impacto y evaluación, […]
Mayo 18, 2017
The 7Ps fit the nonprofit world?

7Ps Marketing Mix for NGOs

Marketing Mix is an essential tool of a Marketing Plan that helps businesses to place in the market, the right product, in the right place, at […]
Abril 20, 2017
Campaign strategy nonprofits

Campaign strategy for nonprofits

If you work in the social activism, you already know that the engagement in social media rarely reflects in behavior change or real-world actions. It is […]