Tips for your local social business video

Automated Video - more video with less effort
Automated Video – more video with less effort
September 28, 2017
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December 26, 2017

If you have a local social business, one key ingredient to your digital communication strategy is video.

But really, is it affordable for a small business like you to actually make a video? Of course! Production cost have fallen and will keep falling. And it’s becoming easier and easier for you to make your own video with enough quality for the social media and Google Maps, for example. You only need a smartphone and a bit of creativity in your communication strategy.


Why should you make a video?

Here are a few reasons why you should invest time and some money to create videos for your local business:

  • It can boost your sales and have a great ROI (return of investment);
  • It will help you build brand awareness and trust;
  • It’s great communicating the experience of your service or product;
  • It will drive traffic to your website or store;
  • It appeals a lot to mobile users;
  • It encourages social shares;
  • And it gives you a lot of information regarding who, how, when and where people are seeing the video (giving you better insight on how to improve that experience).


Tips for your small social business video

  1. First of all, be creative! Not only in the video itself, but also in the communication strategy you build around it. And here don’t forget to consider the audience you are trying to reach and ensure the video is relevant to them.
  2. Promote your videos across multiple channels. Make it easy for users to find your video and share it in different social media channels, like YouTube and Facebook. And remember to upload it directly to each channel, as it will gain certain advantages over just posting the YouTube link.
  3. Optimize it for mobile. This means you have to consider small screens, shorter videos and good audio quality.
  4. Include a call to action. Don’t forget to invite the viewers to share your video, or visit your webpage.
  5. Finally, measure the results! A good interpretation of your video Facebook Insights or YouTube Analytics can already give great information on how to improve it and attract more customers to your social business.


Wrap Up

So, video can really give a boost to your social business, if well integrated in a good communication strategy. It’s now, more that ever, affordable to smaller business and it can have a good and fast return of investment.

Just bear in mind that if you want a top quality video, or a top quality communication strategy, you might need to hire a professional. Still, the prices are lower than ever.


Last tip for local social business

In case your social business has a place open to public, I offer you this great tip: suggest your guests to make the videos for you! Be creative on how to do it and where to share. But to give you an idea, here’s how simple it is for them to do it:

  • They have to search and select your place on Google Maps;
  • Scroll down and tap “Add a photo”;
  • And tap “Camera” and hold the shutter button for up to 10 seconds!
  • They can also upload the first 30 seconds of a video they’ve already taken.

Extra tips:

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